FCR009 CATERPILLARS "Where Shadows Go To Speak"


FCR009 CATERPILLARS "Where Shadows Go To Speak"

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On their third full-length "Where Shadows Go To Speak" CATERPILLARS spent two years crafting the album of their lives. Telling a story of love and loss from the perspective of a coma "Where Shadows Go To Speak" is a sparkling emo gem in the classic sense. Chris's distinctive clear vocals blend with sparkling synths, crisp drumming, and glorious guitars to generate a sound that is familiar and yet new. Fans of Jimmy Eat World, The Appleseed Cast, Dredg & Anberlin will have a new favorite band in CATERPILLARS.

Edition Information:
Edition 1: 50 Vanilla Tapes
Edition 2: 50 Baby Blue Tapes

Track Listing:
1. Fight The Flames
2. Tangents
3. Porcelain Chandeliers
4. Banshee
5. Buy You Out
6. The Wasteland
7. The Dead Sea
8. Haunted
9. Brittle Bones
10. Wake Up

Releases: August 28, 2020

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