Eugenius "Midlife"
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Eugenius "Midlife"
$20.00 - $48.00

This is a pre-order expected to ship in late 2021. We will communicate dates with you.

Cincinnati, Ohio songwriter/producer Eugenius releases his fifth full-length album, Midlife. Combining elements of hip hop, industrial, pop, noise, and punk, Eugenius delivers a chaotic, angular, and melancholic soundtrack to the enlightening, and sometimes isolating, act of reaching the midpoint of life.

Midlife is comprised of 19 tracks, most of which were recorded during quarantine with some excerpts from previously unreleased collaborations. featuring contributions from Cincinnati, Ohio artists Evolve, Grrxrrg, Abiyah, Haskell, Ziprhed, Robert Imhuman, David Armacost, Umin and Sarah Dactyl.

1. Redacted i : Laughing mad - excerpt
2. Savior / self - feat Evolved prod by ggrxrgg & Eugenius
3. Strange times
4. Rats inside the Wheel ( Mad ) feat. Abiyah
5. The Architect
6. Eye for an Eye feat. Haskell
7. Welcome to Midlife
8. Midlife suite i : Killing time
9. Midlife suite ii : Pathetic feat. Ziprhed
10. Midlife suite iii: Fail you
11. Redacted ii : Art is hard - excerpt
12. Don't care
13. Ugly
14. Everything's Fucked - feat Robert Imhuman
15. Nothing - feat Evolved prod by ggrxrgg & Eugenius
16. Endpoint definition i / redacted iii : Lover in the well - excerpt , prod by David Armacost
17. Endpoint definition ii : an error has occurred feat. Umin
18. Welcome to the end
19. Endpoint definition iii : Estranged feat Sarah Dactyl

Edition Information:
First Edition: 50 Silver Tapes (SOLD OUT)
Second Edition: 300 Black Vinyl (2LP)

Digital Release: October 30, 2020
Cassette Release: January 2021

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