FCR099 Resignation "You Are More Than Right Now" CS

  • FCR099 Resignation
  • FCR099 Resignation

FCR099 Resignation "You Are More Than Right Now" CS

Releases Feb 24, 2023

There was a time when the Midwest seethed like the sea, fields and farmland, widespread and curling, cities ringing dark, hollow and deep. Under the shadow of the Great Lakes, haunted by the ghosts of industry, the young made music because of there was often nothing else to do, packing into small town basements and howling along with each another in VFW halls.

Hüsker Dü’s punk roared out of Minnesota, wresting alternative melody away from the radio, and Squirrel Bait’s Louisville energy found new translation in the emotional desperation and guitar-driven heaviness of bands like Falling Forward and Endpoint. Indianapolis gave us Split Lip, eventually becoming Chamberlain, fusing hardcore’s political passion with emo’s honesty and the kind of rust belt stories echoed in Americana’s weary bellow. The echoes of this musical ethic pealed back from as far away as Canada, the West coast, and the swelter of the South, with bands like Shoulder, Grade, Samiam, Fairweather, and Hot Water Music all throwing their songs into the wind.

Raising a grateful glass to this heritage, Toledo, Ohio’s RESIGNATION have partnered with Friend Club Records to release their You Are More Than Right Now EP on February 10th, 2023. Listen to their first single, “Eddie Kingston,”premiered recently by Behind The Midwest Scene and now available on all streaming services.

The band’s earnest post-hardcore insists that their audience wrestle with empathy, recognizing shared mental health struggles and the deep need for community. It’s a strange thing to be human and alive in this dystopian timeline, and RESIGNATION resolutely offers us gasoline and a sometimes sputtering torch, the promised light of which can kindle a hope for something more.

1. Apologies Necessary
2. Eddie Kingston
3. CKA
4. My Therapist Said I Have A Fear Of Time (He's Right)
5. The Pieces

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